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We are back with the final event of the Max Effort Football Combine.  The final event will be the Broad Jump.  The Broad Jump is one of the tests used in the NFL Combine to measure leg power and explosiveness.  The way that the broad jump is executed is you start in a standing position and without taking a step, jump as far forward as possible.  Furthest distance wins.  Lets see what the guys got!

Dustin Myers starts the event off with a good mark to beat but after backing way it may be a little shorter than it appeared to be.

Jeremy Hanna is up next to show off his explosive golfer leg drive and doesn't disappoint almost matching Dustin's best jump but the rule is you can not fall backwards so the last jump does not count.

Alex Wehri follows that up with a pretty solid jump to put himself in the middle of the pack.

Jake Sanders is up after that who puts that 600lb squat to use and shows the world that big men can jump too.  

Cory Gregory takes to the launch pad next and forgot that this is a game of distance and not height on his first jump but after recalibrating the legs hits a great jump to tie Dustin.

BOOM, suit and all, takes his turn with the broad jump but once he steps up to the line those pylons are out there further than he thought.

So that means Dustin, Jake, and Cory will have a jump off to see who is the winner.  It was a head to head to head battle but with some technical difficulties with the camera, Cory took the competition.  Although you will have the take Booms reaction for it.  That brings the Max Effort Football Combine to an end.  We hope that you all enjoyed this as much as we did.  Make sure to give this video a click and maybe a little likey like on social media.


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