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We are back with the event that everyone has been waiting on.....the Bench Press!!!!  This event was made for the Max Effort crew.  After throwing a bench in the end zone of the Max Effort Field, the guys took a non-traditional approach to the bench press and opted for the hand off method.  This is not recommended so please do not try this at home.


First up is Dustin Myers who has had an impressive combine so far and keeps the train rolling with 14 reps which Dustin says he hasn't done that many reps with 225 in years.

Next up is Cory Gregory.  BOOM has set Cory's projected number around 17-20 reps and he hit it right on the nose with Cory repping out 18 reps.  

Jeremy Hanna is up next and has called his shot for 1 rep.  But this young man cut himself short and pumps out 3 solid reps.

Alex Wehri follows up that solid performance with 6 reps staying consistent through out the combine

But we have saved the biggest bench for last.  BOOM has set Jake Sander's number at 27 reps.  After benching 405lbs this morning at 4am Jake puts up a mind blowing 33 reps with 225lbs.  Whether you are in the back yard or in the real NFL Combine, 33 reps is a very impressive number.  

Seeing as no one was close to Jake's 33 rep performance, he gets the win the 225 bench press event.  With the forth event done in the Max Effort Football Combine there is plenty more great action and bloopers to come so give this video a click and stay tuned for more great live action to come!


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