Max Effort Football Combine: 40 Yard Dash

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We move on to what is probably the most popular event of the combine.....The 40 Yard Dash.  BOOM predicts the times will be around 4.6 / 4.7, but what he didn't take in account is that all of the guys took down a scoop of Jet Fuel aka Max Effort Pre Workout before the event to give them a little boost. This is a game of technique and milliseconds.  The lower you can stay coming off the starting line the faster your time will be. 

Dustin Myers, who won the L-Cone Drill event is up first and puts up a very tough time to beat at 3.44 which is a would record.  Although Dustin's technique is not very good he was quoted saying: "I've got world class speed, but I don't know how to run." 

Next up is Kyle Smith aka Content Kyle who puts up another world class time of 3.71. 

Alex Wehri is up next and after the time keeper did not start the clock the first time, the second go around he posts up a time of 3.74.  Another world class time. 

That brings Jeremy Hanna up next who makes all golfers proud by posting another world class time of 3.71.  

Jake Sanders take to the starting line next who has the technique down to a T and posts up a time of 3.43 which puts him in the lead.

Last but not least we have Cory Gregory up to the line who put up a time of 3.65.

BOOM says he wants a shot at it in his suit and tie plus with 2 cell phones in his hands he posts up a time of 3.81.

But we are not done yet as Dustin is not accepting defeat and wants to do a run off with Jake to see if he can do it again.  After a quick coaching session from BOOM, Dustin beats his own world record and posts up a time of 3.30.  So that leaves it up to the defensive line man to take down the wrestling speedster.  Jake gives it everything he has but comes up short with a time of 3.38.  With the third event done in the Max Effort Football Combine there is plenty more great action and bloopers to come so give this video a click and stay tuned for more great live action to come!


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