Max Effort Banquet


To be able to get an invite to the Max Effort Banquet first off you gotta be a somebody and next you better make sure that you bring a gift to suffice King Cory.  Sir Jeremy brought up a very noble gift of Lemonade Post Workout to offer up the king and got approval with a Billy Billy! 

Madam Susan arrived with arms overflowing with a gigantic Max Effort Stack that the king gave high praises to and approval with a Billy Billy!

The next offering wasn't so gracious though as it had the king very puzzled.  As though expecting approval from the king the man asked for a Billy Billy.  The king answered with a private tour from Sir Brad of the Pit Of Misery which the royal court gave a Billy Billy to. 

The really question is who is this Billy character that the royal court keeps raising their glasses to????


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