Knee Sleeves vs. Knee Wraps

Cory Gregory


Sleeves or Wraps?  This is a question that I have gotten hundreds of times on social media.  In this article I’m going to begin by breaking down what each DOES first, then tell you that you should use both.

If you begin on a Squat Daily journey that is pushing you to a “Daily Max,” you are going to need some sort of aid/help with your joints.  When I say “Daily Max” we’re not killing ourselves every day, hanging out our spine on the bar.  By properly properly utilizing the Conjugate Method I ensure that we are getting a variation of exercises while not getting bored as we go.


At some point you are going to need something that is going to help warm up the joints and give at least a mild support.  Knee sleeves are not going to give you a crazy pop or rebound out of the hole, but they will provide warmth to the joint and keep them warm during your workout.

It’s one of those things that I recommend to wear on a daily basis if you are engaging in a Squat Every Day protocol.  I’ve made Squatting Daily a part of my life, and through my personal experience knee sleeves have been a great choice.


On the other hand, knee wraps are a different story.  A wrap is used for overloading the lift, while also helping to give you more stability in your knees for those big lifts.  Wraps are going to offer more stability, resulting in more protection during the lift.  Wraps are for specifically programmed days OR for competition.  If you have no interest in competing and have no interest in overloading, then maybe the knee wrap isn’t for you.

I think it also adds an interesting element to my programming.  With this addition, the wrap is allowing you to overload and train your nervous system to handle heavier weights.  That’s one of the primary reasons why I like wraps.


So, do you need knee sleeves or wraps? 

I believe that you need both to properly utilize the program and its effectiveness, however they are not a necessity.  If you simply want to do the squat protocols with no gear whatsoever, that’s fine.  If you want to add in knee sleeves to keep the knees and joints warm, grab some sleeves.  If you want to hang it out to dry, grab some knee wraps too.


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