Knee Jumps

Jason Newlan


     Knee Jumps are one of those exercises that you may have never heard of. I have been doing knee jumps for a short time, but it has helped me out tremendously in getting more explosive and it has transferred directly over into all my lifts. When I first started out I couldn’t even do one rep, but now I can jump onto things and I have jumped from my knees with 225lbs on back. I think you should give knee jumps a try and here is why


     Force is measured by mass “the weight”  X  acceleration “the speed”. This simply means to move a lot of weight you must lift heavy, but also develop explosive power. Knee jumps are a great exercise to develop that explosive power. The difference between knee jumps vs a regular box jump is that knee jumps target your hips a lot more by making you fully extend them. Since you are sitting on your knees, you don't use your feet to get power, so it's a really challenging spot.


To Perform a knee jump:


-Sit on your knees, with the top of your feet fully on the ground. Next set your butt on your heels. Once you get in that position, your ready to begin.


To complete the jump, I push my shins into the ground and try to extend my hips fully forward coming completely off the ground, landing on my feet, in my squat stance.


Implement them in your training

I knee jump 2x per week, typically 20-40 jumps each session. I like to mix it up and try all different kinds of variations. It could be knee jumping with weight, without weight, onto some sort of box, whatever it is, mix it up and keep it interesting. My favorite rep ranges to follow are 6 sets of 3 or 5 sets of 5. Give keep jumps a try and I think you will be surprised how much more explosive they make you.


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