Isometric Arm Finisher

Cory Gregory


Welcome to the Arm Superset of the Week with your host Cory Gregory!  Cory is going to show you something to throw in at the end of your arm workout.  Make sure to not miss out on the gains and jump on that Jug Life with 2 scoops of the Grapesicle Lemonade Post Workout in a gallon jug!  The superset is an Isometric Arm Finisher.  You are going to do a normal tricep pushdown and come all the way down to the bottom of the movement and hold for 30 seconds.  Make sure that your chest is up and the triceps are locked out.  After you finish that jump over to a straight bar curl and bring the weight all the way up then lower it to where your arms are bent at 90 degrees and hold that for 30 seconds.  Throw this in for 5 minutes continually at the end of your arm workout and it's guaranteed to blow your arms up!!  Give this Isometric Arm Finisher a try and let us know what you think!


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