Incline Dumbbell Bench Tips

Cory Gregory


I have watched many in the gym do dumbbell bench press with a flat back and they only go halfway down to their chest. Then they say things such as, “Why is my chest not growing?  Why do my front deltoids hurt?  I can’t feel my chest on this exercise.” 

I’ve heard every fucking thing you can imagine and I’m going to clear it up right now with the picture below:

Notice the arch that I have created with my back on the incline bench.  I’ve perched my upper back to set up a shelf for my upper pecs.  As I’m bringing the dumbbells down, I find a pocket with that arch, taking the edge of the dumbbell deeper or right at the side of the chest.  Executing this correctly will allow you to get the proper stretch from this exercise.  As you stretch at the bottom of the movement and return to the top with a squeeze, you get the entire muscle involved.

Powerlifting and Bodybuilding is nothing but a game of geometry.  It’s about angles, tempo, etc. and if your geometry is off you will not get the results you want. 

You may laugh because I got a C in Geometry, but I understand it when it comes to the body.  The reason that Arnold and the other Golden Era guys had gigantic chests was because they understood how to create the proper angles for the incline bench.  Once you fully understand these proper angles, you can achieve the chest growth that you are seeking.

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