How To Wrap Your Knees

Jason Newlan


     Knee wraps have helped my squat tremendously. They are an essential in my gym bag just as a belt or wrist wraps. However, I was very skeptical using them at first. I was afraid to use them because I thought it was “cheating” or they were bad for my knees. I had the perception that knee wraps instantly added more weight to the squat. When I tried them for the first time I was really surprised. I failed miserably the first couple times I tried using them. It was a different feel, but overtime I learned how to wrap and use them correctly and my squat shot way up.


     The way I like to describe knee wraps to people is they are like a belt for your knees. Knee wraps create a ton of stability and tightness in the knee if used correctly. Just like a belt, if they are used correctly and you push out against them, knee wraps can help you tremendously. When you use knee wraps, you have to “fight the wraps.” What I mean by this is you have to push against them, and do not let your knees track forward. Something that really helped me was focusing on keeping my shins as vertical as possible. This allowed me to get the most out of my knee wraps.


     When it comes to how you wrap your knees, it is going to depend person to person. There are hundreds of ways to wrap knees, and all of them work, but check out the video attached to this article on how I like to wrap them. Some tips to make sure they are wrapped correctly and optimally are:


1. Flex your quad and pull your foot towards you. This will ensure you will have the most rebound out of the hole and your knee won’t shift around when the wraps are fully on.


2. Make sure you wrap above and below the knee pulling tightly on the wrap every time you go around. Doing this will ensure the wrap is secure and even.


3. Wrap the excess directly around the back and middle of the knee. The “pop”out of the knee wrap comes from directly behind the knee, Wrapping the excess will increase the pop. I show this in the video above, I like to wrap in an X formation around the knee.


     When used correctly knee wraps are going to take your squat to the next level. Remember to only use your knee wraps on your “heavy” sets of squats.


     After the video and article if you still have any questions about knee wraps or what kind/length of wraps I prefer, feel free to ask me on Instagram: @jason_Newlan


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