How To Knock Someone Out - Right Hand

Travis Browne


Want to know How To Knock Someone Out????  Today Travis "Hapa" Browne is going to show you how to knock someone out using the Right Hand.  When you are using the right hand, a lot of guys like to fling it and hopefully hit something.  What you want to do is use the first two knuckles and use that to hit your opponent with.  It doesn't matter what punch you are throwing.  Whether it is a straight right, you will turn your hand over leading with the first two knuckles.  It could also be what people call a right over hook or over hand.  With this move you want to keep it tighter and punch down with your wrist bent leading with the first two knuckles.  Also, same thing with the uppercut.  When you throw the uppercut you want to twist your hand or twist your wrist so you hit with those first two knuckles.  Give these Right Hand Punches a try leading with the first two knuckles and let us know what you think!


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