How To Knock Someone Out: Knee To Head

Travis Browne


Want to know How To Knock Someone Out????  Today Travis "Hapa" Browne is going to show you how to knock someone out with a Knee To The Head.  Travis is going to go off of the game plan that Eddie Alvarez did against Justin Gaethje.  What he was doing was hitting long arm body shots so often it just slowed Gaethje down and totally changed the game.  His boxing was really great.  What he did after he hit a couple body shots is they clinched up and what Eddie did instead of another knee to the body, he actually lifted it up to the head and that's what ended the fight.  Now you don't have to bring the knee hard like you normally do to the body.  All you have to do is deliver a couple body shots, clinch up, throw the high knee and this should open it up.  Give these tips a try in your next fight or training session and let us know what you think!


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