How To Knock Someone Out: Coming Off A Jab

Travis Browne


Want to know How To Knock Someone Out????  Today Travis "Hapa" Browne is going to show you how to knock someone out Coming Off A Jab.  If you are throwing the jab and you have a guy that is shooting under your jab constantly meaning every time you move your left hand he is trying to shoot under.  One of the things that Travis has done with wrestlers or guys that want to get in close is when you throw that jab you are going to switch your stance.  The reason for that is when you throw that jab and switch your stance the knee is going to come right behind it.  So when they go to shoot underneath you to grab your leg they are going to get caught with the knee.  Now if by chance they happen to back up off of the jab instead of shooting underneath you are going to throw a left high kick.  Give these tips a try in your next training session and let us know what you think!


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