How I Take The Fat Burner

Cory Gregory


     I’ll make this simple for you.  Anytime that I’m getting ready for an event such as summertime, vacation, family reunion, etc. I utilize the fat burner in my supplement regimen.  Here’s how I take it...


     As soon as the alarm clock goes off in the morning and my feet hit the floor, I take 2-4 capsules of the Max Effort Muscle Fat Burner.  Let’s call it 3-3:30am.


     My second dose of the fat burner goes down the hatch at about 12-1pm.  It’s a simple schedule and once I begin I don’t miss it.  I’ll go through two bottles in a row, then take one week off completely, going through this cycle for a few months.


     The Fat Burner helps me laser in my look, focus and overall clarity for the goal I have set out in front of me.  The Fat Burner is for those that are trying to take their physique to another level.


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