How I Take My Greens

Cory Gregory


Vegetables, like most, have never been an amazing treat for me even though I’ve forced myself to eat them for years.  I don’t dislike them completely and I know that they are essential in my diet, but I never got super excited to eat them. 

My favorites are carrots and corn, which are the highest in natural sugar.

As I migrated towards the diet lifestyle that I use now I have eaten vegetables more often, but I believe that green vegetables are the most beneficial from a fitness standpoint.

Being able to use the Greens Formula from Max Effort Muscle on a regular basis has changed everything for me.  I don’t go a day without using the Greens formula twice a day at my main meals.  The convenience makes it extremely easy to get in the greens that I need each day to keep me rolling.

As an added bonus, I’ll sometimes go up to a third dose if I feel like my immune system is down to help out. In this case I’ll usually mix it in with a scoop of the Post workout.  Doing this allows me to get my amino acids and green vegetables all in one shot. 

The Greens is a must in your supplement arsenal.  Not only are the Greens a great product, they mix well and taste great, which is hard to do if you’ve ever had a greens product before. 

Grab a bottle and get started filling the gaps.