Heavyweight Rivals Unite

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UFC 168. Travis Browne vs. Former UFC heavyweight champion Josh Barnett. The result KO by Travis “Hapa” Browne within the first minute of the fight. After the victory, Travis mimicked Barnett’s signature throat slashing celebration. The animosity between the two has lingered until of recent. Browne reached out to Barnett to discuss the incident from their fight. “Man, I’m sorry. I’m not making excuses. I’m telling you right now that it was wrong for me to do that. That’s your thing.”

The two have mended what was thought to be a broken relationship. Browne and Barnett have teamed up as Travis prepares for his fight this Saturday at UFC 213 against Aleksei Oliynyk. Travis training with Barnett could prove to be extremely beneficial as Barnett is extremely well-rounded and experienced in the sport, and defines himself as a catch-wrestler. Training with Barnett, should aid in preparing Travis for Oliynyk a submission artist. Over 3 years after Travis was victorious over Barnett. Josh Barnett returns to help add another victory to Travis’s career Saturday Night.

Be sure to tune into UFC 213 Tonight at 8pm ET and give Travis Max Effort support!


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