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Welcome to this weeks episode of Post Workout Hangover Testimonial with Max Effort customer Mistah Pitah.  And We Quote:

"What's up everybody, my name is Mistah Pitah.  I'm known for cracking a few cold ones open on Friday and hanging with the boys on Saturdays.  I'm apart of the 4am crew at Old School Gym so you're probably thinking...how do those two lifestyles mesh together?  Drinking, hangovers, and trying to make gainz.  Well it didn't until I heard the advice that the man himself, Don Fosco gave about adding the Max Effort Post Workout into your drinking routine.  What he told me is to take a scoop of the Max Effort Post Workout Lemonade as a part of the pregame.  Once I get back from my drinking escapades, take 1-2 more scoops of the Lemonade Post Workout before bed.  Ever since I started implementing this anti-hangover cure on the weekends, I've been hangover free!  So, if you're a part of the Max Effort Mafia that likes to have a little fun on the weekends....I suggest you try this ASAP!!!!"


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