Gun Season

Dustin Myers


Spring time is in the air.  That can only mean one thing…summer is right around the corner, and with it comes the time to break out the tank tops aka Gun Season.  That’s right folks, those pasty upper arms will soon see the light of day, so you had better get to work growing those guns if you want to rock a “beater” in public.  Here are a few of my favorite arm routines:

1.  Boulder Biceps

A. Barbell Curls - Misdirection method - 8,5,5,3

B. Superset: 5 sets

DB Curls - 5 each side

Kneeling concentration Curls - 8 with a 1 second squeeze at the top

C. Superset: 3 sets

Hammer Curls - 3

Incline DB Curls - 5 each arm

Band or Cable curls - 25

This workout starts with what I call the “Misdirection Method” on barbell curls.  Start with a light barbell, raise it 1/4 of the way then pause for 2 seconds.  Raise it a little more to the half way point and pause for another 2 count, then lower all the way and complete a full rep, up all the way and lower under control.  That pattern equals 1 repetition.  Move up in weight each set.

Next, grab a heavy set of dumbbells and complete 5 reps on each side.  Be sure to keep the dumbbell fully twisted with the biceps engaged on the way down.  Immediately grab a light curl bar and squat down, resting your triceps on your knees.  Keep your arms perfectly perpendicular to the floor as you curl the weight to your forehead, pausing for 1 second at the top.  Complete 5 supersets.

To finish out this work out grab a heavy set of DBs (ideally 5-10lbs heavier than the ones on the last superset) for 3 Hammer Curls.  Drop down to about half of that weight for some strict Incline DB Curls, twisting at the bottom in between reps.  Burn out with either a band or cable attached to a bar for 25 curls. 

2.  Titanic Triceps

A. Warm Up: Push ups - 50 total, all different varieties

B. Superset: 5 sets

Overhead Tricep DB Extension - 5

Iso-Kick Backs - 5 each side

Tricep Press Down - 20

C. The Skull crusher Gauntlet

Drop set: 5/10/20/40 x 2 rounds

Start by warming up with 50 total push ups (multiple sets, change hand placement each set).  To begin the first circuit you will need a heavy DB for overhead tricep extensions for 5 reps.  Try to keep your elbows in as close to your head as possible, don’t let them flare out.  Next, grab a light set of DBs and lay face down on a bench.  Bring your arms up to your sides and extend the dumbbells, locking them into place.  Alternate sides as you perform kickbacks, with one tricep completely flexed as you rep the other side.  End with 20 strict reps on a cable Tricep Press down.  Perform 5 rounds.

Next you will need to line up 4 sets of DBs on the floor, starting with the heaviest weight you can possible use for 5 DB skull crushers (example: 1 set of each - 50b, 40b, 30b, 20lb).  Start with 5 reps with the heaviest set, then immediately drop to the next set for 10 reps, then 20 reps, before grinding out 40 reps with the lightest set.  This is my (slightly shorter) version of CT-Fletcher’s legendary arm gauntlet that he destroyed our arms with  a few years ago at The Old School Gym.  Rest 3 minutes before doing your second round.  It’s key to start with a heavy enough weight - it should be a DB that you can only do a maximum of 5 reps.

3.  Gunz of Steel

Barbell Curls - 3

Chin Ups - 12

DB Skulls - 5

Diamond Push Ups - 15

x 5 rounds (last round do max reps on BW exercises)

DB Curls - 5 each side

BW Slant Rows - 10 reps (underhand)

Overhead Tricep extension - 5

Dips - 20

x 3 rounds

This is one of my favorite arm workouts since it supersets heavy isolation movements for the biceps and triceps with high rep bodyweight exercises for an incredible all over upper body pump.  The key to the bodyweight exercises in this workout is to focus on the target muscles - during chin ups, go all the way up and squeeze the biceps at the top.  Make sure to lock out completely on the push ups and dips to really emphasize the triceps.  Rest 2 minutes between rounds of the superset, and on the final round of each, do Max Reps rather than the prescribed number.

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