Extreme Abs Supplement Regimen

Cory Gregory


This is the program I used when I was getting ready for my Men’s Health shoot last year and what I’m currently utilizing right now during the Summer Shredtastic.


The Supplement Regimen


3am – Alarm Clock Wake-up

1 serving Max Effort Muscle Fat Burner (2-4 caps)

1 serving Max Effort Muscle Test Booster (recommend to anyone 25 years and above)


4am – Arrive at the Gym

Once I get to the gym and start warming up I’ll grab my tub of Max Effort Pre-Workout.


4:15am – Pre-Workout

1 scoop Max Effort Muscle Pre-Workout to the DOME


Immediately Following Pre-Workout

(2) scoops of Max Effort Muscle Post

Our Post-workout features recovery and hydration factors such as BCAA’s and Glutamine to keep your recovery and hydration on point.  Total of 20g of BCAA’s and 10g of Glutamine per jug of water.


1pm – After Lunch

Second Serving of BOTH Fat Burner and Test Booster


Prior to Bed

1 scoop of Max Effort Muscle Tri-Blend Protein before bed



The disclaimer here is that this is an advanced training protocol.  I would recommend the lower dose of the fat burner early and a 1/2 scoop of the pre-workout prior to training if you are not used to taking supplements.


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