Expect More

Cory Gregory



     As you’re reading this article I’m driving home from the gym.  I was tired when I woke up today, warm-ups didn’t feel great, but I ended up having an awesome workout.  Great pump and felt strong.


     It made me think to myself, “What if I would have let that little voice in my head win today?  What if I would have let that doubt win?  What if I listened to what my body really wanted to do instead of pushing through?”  I always tell myself to Expect More.  Push through to the next level.  Why can’t you do this or that?


     This is a daily thought that runs through my head.  How can I do more in my profession and impact more people on a deeper level?  How can I teach more to my family or as a dad?  How can I expect more from myself as a lifter? 


     Andrew Carnegie says in Chapter 8, Going the Extra Mile, that if you only do what is required then you are eventually viewed as less valuable and replaceableAlways do more.


     I’m going to challenge you today after you read this article to do more every day.  How can you do more and expect more out of yourself?  Remember, at the end of the day, it starts and ends with youExpect more.


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