Every Step Counts

Cory Gregory


I was looking through some old pictures recently and found pictures from my very first gym/personal training studio. Honestly, gym is a stretch, really it was just a ladder closet inside of a mini mall that I somehow convinced the landlord to rent me. The “gym” had all home equipment that was donated to me or I bought at a used sporting goods store. The carpet was blue and had holes in it, the place was small, barely 900 square feet, it wasn’t much, but it was mine! The place where my dream started, the place where I knew being successful in business and life was possible, this was my first step to being the guy you see today 18 years later.

Previously, I was a personal trainer for another gym in the area. I had a schedule filled with clients, paying rent, just kind of going through my days and then they did something amazing that changed me forever. They got greedy! The gym manager wanted to take more of my money. Here I am putting in all the time, landing all the clients, doing all the work and they want to take even more than they already were? It was that decision, made by that manager, that made me start thinking, maybe working for someone else isn’t what I really want to do. The competitiveness in me came out, they think I am going to roll over because I am so young they can take advantage of me? I thought to myself, hell no! It was time to open my own personal training studio/gym. I got the spot in late June and opened in July with 15 clients roughly. These people supported me so well and believed in me, it was unreal. I wasn't even 21 years old and yet, I had a full-time business doing what I loved to do, which is lift weights and help people. It is just like Rocky said, “everyone is a contender before they become a champion, everyone is a beginner once”.

 Fast forward just two short years and notice how much better my studio looked, how much more together it had become. In the background, you can see the beginning of my supplement experience, my 4 shelf "supplement center". Who would have known that this studio would eventually lead me in the direction of starting The Old-School Gym one day? Arguably, one of the baddest gyms on the planet? Who knew that 4 corner shelf I called a supplement center was leading me towards MusclePharm and now Max Effort Muscle? Who would have ever believed that the man on the posters, my idol Arnold, would become my friend and mentor? Who knew that my dreams would all come true and still are? I knew!

 None of it would have happened however, if I didn’t just progress little by little, getting better year after year. This a before and after, two years of hard work, dedication, and belief. I knew I was poised to be a leader but it takes years of work and confidence. It doesn’t happen overnight, focus on the process, making yourself better daily. Transform your business, your body, whatever it is your pursuing, little by little, each day. Every step counts, each one matters and it’s all a part of the process.                                                                                               

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