Developing A Predator Mindset Pt.3

Mindset Mike


     In Part 2, we talked about the core concepts of a Predator Mindset and how predator athletes have a narrow vision, only focusing on what’s in their control – effort, attitude and aggressiveness/enthusiasm.

The last stage of adopting a Predator Mindset will focus on how we can turn prey (weak-minded) thoughts into predator (strong-minded) thoughts

PART 3: Accountability - Turning ANY Prey Thoughts Into Predator Thoughts

     Predator or prey thoughts are synonymous with the ideas of being positive or negative; strong- or weak-minded thinking. Would you rather be thinking and acting like a lion or the gazelle that it’s chasing down? 

“Life is 10% of what happens, and 90% of how we react to it”

     When you start thinking negatively, you must immediately stop that negative, prey thought and flip it into a positive, predator thought.  Not sometimes, not most of the time, but ALL the time. You must take accountability for everything that you allow into your mental space, even more so than what you allow into your body. Negative/Weak thinking (excuses, laziness, fear, etc) is like a cancer and it will grow, spread, and infect every part of your life.  Negativity in one area of your life will like into others.  Work is a perfect example, negativity in our work day tends to impact your fitness, and even our family life. YOU are in control of how you think and therefore YOU are the only one that can determine how you feel or how life affects you.


     We’ve all heard the line “the glass either half full or half empty,” right? Well, it’s very true –for every prey, weak-minded, there is a more productive, predator version of that same thought. The choice is yours as to which version you choose to take up space in your brain.


Actionable Advice:  Any time you feel negativity creeping in your mind, you must hit that mental reset button – take a deep breath and immediately replace that unproductive, prey thought with a productive, powerful, predator thought. The same goes for worrying about anything you can’t control. Immediately find something you can control in a situation and focus on that


Prey Thought #1:  I can’t make it to the gym before work – I’ll be too tired for my day

Predator Response: Working out early will light a fire in my mind and body to crush my goals all day! I need to “WAKE MY ASS UP” and make it happen!

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Prey Thought #2: I will (re)start my diet tomorrow; I will just take today off of my diet

Predator Response: I will stick to my plan I will not cheat until I have EARNED my right to

Other examples include making excuses, being lazy, worrying about the conduct of others at work, not sticking to your diet, complaining about your spouse, putting off tasks around the house, and making problems bigger than they need to be. Again, you find yourself focusing on anything but yourself or what you can control, steer the focus back to what is in your control and how you can make the best of your situation.

Ultimately, when it comes to having a predator mindset, it’s all about focusing on the right things. In fighting and in life, you can choose what you focus on. Stay laser focused on your task at hand, control the controllables, and keep the focus on yourself. 

Remember: Losers focus on winners, and winners focus on winning.


STAY TUNED FOR THE NEXT ARTICLE - “Simplify your Life by Simplifying Your Decisions”


Mindset Mike is one of the directors at Winning Mindset – a systematic and sport-specific mindset training company used by high level athletes across the world. Mike specifically oversees the Wrestling and Martial Arts specific programs that service youth through NCAA Champions, Olympians, and UFC/Bellator fighters.


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