DB Skullcrusher TUT Manual Reps

Dustin Myers


Is there any worse feeling than missing a big bench rep or an overhead press because your triceps fatigued and you couldn’t lock out the rep?

That’s what I thought.  Having both strength and resiliency in the triceps is key for finishing big presses - both weight wise and volume wise.  In my opinion, the best accessory movement to help turn this potential sticking point into a strong point is a simple dumbbell skull crusher.  Going heavy on the skull crusher will help build that lock out strength, but one of the issues is that the reps typically end in an abrupt fashion.  One second you are cruising along at 5 or 6 reps and then on the 7th rep you cannot budge the weights.  The solution?  By adding a few time under tension manual reps once you have reached “failure” with the weights you can not only build work capacity and tricep resiliency but also get the absolute most out of each set.

Lay prone on a bench with a set of dumbbells held above you in a neutral grip.  Bend your elbows and let them drift back slightly as the dumbbells move toward your shoulders.  Extend your arms back up to lock out the weight.  Once you have reached failure, drop the dumbbells and grasp one hand over the other and place your fists against your forehead.  Have a partner apply manual resistance for 5 seconds on the way up and resist the pressure back down for 5 seconds.  Complete 3 time under tension manual reps.