Dance Dance Revolution

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Have you ever been in the club kickin it with some homies throwin back a couple adult beverages and out of now where you hear YOUR SONG comes on and your body just takes over????  I believe the correct term kids use these days is "LIT!!!!"  Whether your style is break dancing, the electric slide, singing your heart out to Journey playin the air guitar, or a little 2 steppin on into some dabbing then finishing it off with the old stanky leg, we ain't here to judge.  So after some smack talkin amongst the guys in the office saying who has the better dance moves we decided the only way to settle this darn thing was to turn the camera on crank up the music. 

If you thought Dancing With The Stars was good just click play and prepare yourself for some move that even Jagger would be impressed with.  The line up of music selection was unprecedented and quite frankly will have you dancing along in your seat watching.  There was not official winner crowned but Cory Gregory's moves to Billy Jean was pretty hard to beat.  We like to have fun here at Max Effort and if you take yourself to serious then how can you really enjoy life?  Give this video a watch and have a great day!


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