Cross That Line

Kelsey Lensman, ATC


There’s a line. It’s the door you open. It’s the stairs you go down. It’s the desk you pass. Whether it’s metaphorical or real – it’s there. When you cross it you leave everything behind. You leave that test you didn’t do well on behind. You leave that stress you’ve been under at work behind. You leave those relationship problems you’ve been having with your significant other behind. The gym is not just a place to workout. It’s a place to break away from reality. NOTHING gets in the way of you and YOUR time while you’re in there. Having issues? Doesn’t matter. You are free from them for the next hour. Each rep, each set, and each exercise gets your full attention. “How can I push myself harder? Am I keeping correct form? I see my shoulder muscle for the first time!” THOSE are the thoughts in your head. Not: “Should I have said that? Am I going to pass my class? I wonder if he’s talking to someone else?” In there you are invincible. No one can tell you what to do, what to say, who to be, or anything else because that is your time. Cross that line and become the person you want to be. Let nothing else get in the way. YOUR time. Not anyone or anything else’s. YOURS. Own it.

Kelsey uses the Preworkout to Get Fired Up for Her Workouts!