Clay's Cardio Killers - Bleacher Sprints

Clay Guida


I’m sure at some point in your past you’ve had to deal with some type of conditioning that you were less than crazy about. Whether it stemmed from training for a particular sport or just looking to increase your cardiovascular endurance, we ALL have our favorites when it comes to conditioning. For a lot of people, “Bleachers” or “Stadiums” draw an instant disgust to their face. The idea of running up and down stairs for long periods of time isn’t exactly inviting. However, I’ve learned to love running bleachers by simply adding in some extra variation, turning a monotonous routine into a constantly evolving, heart pumping workout!

You won’t need much for this workout beyond yourself, a set of bleachers on opposite sides of a field, and preferably a track. Feel free to mix up the “in-between’s” that I give in the example workout below, and adjust the overall volume of the workout accordingly to suit your goals.



  • Begin with a light/moderate distance run or jog to make sure your joints, muscles, and heart are ready to work.
  • To start the workout, approach the bottom set of stairs on one set of bleachers.
  • When ready, you’re going to give a MAX EFFORT sprint up the stairs until you reach the very top.
  • From here, you will jog sideways across the top of the bleachers until you reach the peak of the next set of stairs where you will carefully cruise back down to the bottom.
  • Repeat this sequence for the given number of stairs available for that set of bleachers.
  • Once you’ve completed that set of stands, you’ll then hit the track for some “in-between’s” as you make your way around the field to the opposite facing bleachers.

*Examples of In-Between’s: High Knees, Lateral Shuffles, Walking Lunges, Power Skips, etc.*

  • When you reach the opposite facing set of bleachers, you’ll repeat the same process.

In total, aim to both sides of bleachers 3-4 times…or a sum of 10-20 sprints up the stairs


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