Clay Guida's Doppelganger

Max Effort Muscle


Have you ever passed someone on the street that looks exactly like someone you know????  Well let us learn you something real quick and tell you that this said person is DOPPELGANGER.  Not to be confused with doppler radar the delivers your weather.  Anyway, Clay "The Carpenter" Guida is coming off a huge win against Joe Lauzon and to celebrate we came out with the Max Guida FIGHT NIGHT T-Shirt.  But when Clay arrived at the office to check in on how the shirts where selling he looked a little different.  He just got done doing one of his world famous Cruisin With The Dude segments for the site but he just seemed a little off.  The guys at the office made a huge mistake and didn't know that there was a deal suppose to be happening.  Lets just say someone took an uppercut to the chin.  Check out the video above and don't forget to added the Limited Edition Clay Guida FIGHT NIGHT Shirt to your Stack today!


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