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UFC veteran and Max Effort Muscle partner, Clay Guida, dominated in his fight on Saturday night so we figured we should fill you in on what Clay uses to enhance his training and recovery. Clay’s Combat Stack includes a Pre-Workout, a Post Workout and a Tri-Blend Protein. Each product serves its own unique purpose in fueling Clay’s training. Ensuring he is able to train harder and get the most out of every minute in the gym.


The Max Effort Muscle Pre-Workout fuels Clay’s intense training sessions leading up to a fight. The Pre-Workout has an obvious ergogenic effect, stimulating the release of catecholamines, activating the central and peripheral nervous systems. Essentially putting them on high alert. This allows Clay to perceive less fatigue, improve motor unit recruitment and in-turn muscle fiber recruitment as well as improve excitation-contraction coupling, which is just a fancy way of saying he can activate more muscle per signal sent from the brain. The pre-workout also provides him energy by increasing lactate consumption and conversion to glucose, which is then converted to ATP. ATP being the primary source of energy in the body. Finally, the pre-workout formula is designed to elicit a resistance to anoxia (oxygen deprivation) and improve muscle recovery time between sets or rounds in the octagon.


The Max Effort Muscle Post-Workout provides an easy way for Clay to quickly replenish his body of the nutrients it desperately needs after a day of beating on other humans. Taken during and/or after each workout the glutamine and BCAAs contained in the Max Effort Muscle Post Workout are just what The Carpenter ordered. During workouts muscles are constantly being broken down, but what everyone wants to avoid is protein being broken down for energy. The amino acids in the Post-Workout help supply muscle with extra glucose so the body can rely on glucose for energy rather than proteins. During a workout, the body’s concentration of glutamine is decreased. This decrease is linked to an increase in ammonia concentration. Spikes in ammonia concentration lead to fatigue and when the concentration becomes too high it can have toxic effects on the nervous system. The Max Effort Muscle Post-Workout also improves oxidative metabolism enabling the body to reproduce ATP for energy more rapidly. The amino acids play a significant role in anabolic processes. They are taken up in greater quantities in cells that are dividing rapidly such as muscle tissue that is trying to rebuild after a fight or workout.


Clay takes the Max Effort Muscle Tri-Blend Protein because of the 1:1:1 blend of whey concentrate, isolate and casein proteins. The whey protein helps Clay recover immediately after workouts. Because whey concentrate is already partially denatured it is more rapidly digested. This quick digestion allows the protein to get to work rebuilding muscle rather than wasting time being broken down before the proteins can work their way into the muscle. When the body is in a depleted state such as following training the body needs the nutrients right away. However, there are times where slower digesting casein protein is more ideal. Casein is more slowly digested than whey protein and is released throughout the day. The delayed release does not hinder the ability of the muscle to utilize the nutrients. In fact, this form of protein is ideal for consumption before bed or at other points during the day to further aid in recovery. 

The Shirt:

Not to mention, Clay is always styling during his workouts because of the free shirt he gets with each stack. This shirt helps him look good and eliminates the stress of trying to buy expensive gym clothes. He receives a high-quality T-Shirt or Tank Top every time he re-ups on his supps.


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