Chest And Back Superset Explosion

Dustin Myers


Although heavy weight and low reps is my go to programming for big compound movements like presses and rows, I gotta admit sometimes it feels good to use a medium weight for high reps and just chase a massive pump.  And if it is “the pump” you are after, there is no pump like the one from chest and back supersets.  Try this killer chest and back superset explosion.

Start with a light warm up set on both Medium Grip Bench Press and Close Grip T-Bar Row.  Use that set to gage the proper weight for 15 reps of each and then complete 4 sets of the superset with minimal rest.  Make sure the weight is challenging enough that by the 4th round you may need the spotter to assist you on the last few reps.  Rest 2 minutes once all 4 rounds are complete then follow the same structure on Incline Dumbbell Press and Wide Grip Lat Pulldowns.

For the third and final superset, you will utilize what is known as a double descending ladder rep scheme.  There are 4 exercises total, the first two will require 10 reps, and the second two exercises call for 20 reps on the first round.  Each round after that, the first two exercises will decrease by 1 rep, and the other two “higher rep” exercises will decrease by 2 reps.  So the rep scheme will look like:

10/10/20/20, 9/9/18/18, 8/8/16/16, etc. until the 10th and final round you will complete 1/1/2/2.  Take only minimal amounts of rest between rounds and get ready for your skin to burst from this crazy pump.


1. Superset: 4 rounds

Medium Grip Bench Press - 15

Close Grip T-Bar Row - 15


2. Superset: 4 sets

Incline Dumbbells - 15

Lat Pulldowns - 15


3. Superset: 10 rounds, descending Ladder

Chin Ups - 10

Dips - 10

Ring Rows or Slant Rows - 20

Push Ups - 20

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