CBD And Inflammation

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Every athlete experiences inflammation. The causes could be long runs, max out sets, practice for sports, sprints, and working your muscles to failure. Inflammation is not only caused by workouts; it is also caused by everyday habits. The foods you eat and the amount of sleep you get can also cause inflammation and stress on the body. Inflammation can damage your body’s ability to recover. The body needs some inflammation to rebuild muscle and heal injuries, but too much inflammation will raise cortisol and increase soreness, and chronic inflammation can make training harder and everyday life painful. There are many ways to treat inflammation, the most popular way is through non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs).

NSAIDs are very popular but they only mask inflammation, this does not allow your body to rebuild as quickly. This can cause further injury and stop your body from being able to build muscle to its full potential. NSAIDs are also liver toxic and can create a dependence. Physical therapy and massages work to decrease inflammation and fight injuries but these services often are not covered by health insurance and can be very expensive. Getting the correct amount of rest and eating a clean diet, full of amino acids, vitamins, and minerals will help with chronic and acute inflammation greatly.

Nothing will help more than sleeping enough and eating right, but when that isn’t enough to stop your inflammation, CBD can make a huge difference. CBD shows the ability to reduce inflammation caused by diet and environment. This is important for anyone with chronic GI distress, or poor digestion. The endocannabinoid system participates directly in gastrointestinal function, a Harvard study shows that supplementing with CBD will stimulate this system and create a healthier gut environment.  CBD also shows the ability to reduce acute inflammation, which is the inflammation often caused by injuries and stress applied to muscles. If you constantly feel muscle soreness, CBD can help. It does this by interacting with receptors in the brain and immune system and helping your body respond to stressors and stimuli.

A 2008 review shows that CBD can be used effectively to treat both chronic pain and inflammation, so it will be very effective in treating soreness and acute inflammation due to everyday activity and exercise. In addition, a few studies have shown CBD can down-regulate cytokine and chemokine (proteins made by cells in the immune system) production, and up-regulate T-regulatory cells. This leads to the suppression of inflammatory response and relief of chronic inflammation. More than a dozen countries have created CBD-based medication to treat pain and inflammation. These have been created because CBD is much safer than NSAIDs and painkillers. CBD is safe, natural, and will not create a dependence. Overall, the best option for pain and inflammation relief is CBD. Max Effort’s CBD would be a great choice to fight any inflammation or soreness you go through every day.

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