Casein: The Benefits You Need To Know

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Casein is one of the three varieties of protein in The Max Effort Muscle Tri-Blend Protein. It is combined with Whey Concentrate and Isolate in a 1:1:1 ratio. Whey protein receives a lot of they hype surrounding muscular recovery and anabolism. Anabolism, in our context, refers to the rebuilding of the muscle tissue we have broken down (catabolism) during training. This allows the muscle to come back larger and stronger than before. Casein is similar to whey protein in that it is also extremely beneficial for rebuilding muscle but it does so in a slightly different way. Casein releases more slowly allowing the body to make use of the nutrients throughout the day while whey acts more rapidly. Ingesting Casein protein post workout increases net protein/amino acid balance in the muscle. After a workout, the net amino acid balance in the muscle is negative but this is switched to a net positive by consuming casein. This switch catapults the muscle from a state of catabolism into one of anabolism. Casein stimulates significantly greater uptake of phenylalanine, an amino acid whose primary function is to create chemical messengers. The chemical messengers produced by phenylalanine signaling muscle growth and repair because of the increased uptake and the muscle’s catabolic state.

Many view chocolate milk as sound choice post workout to help recover and replenish the body, while it may be an okay alternative in an emergency it is far from ideal. Not only is chocolate milk loaded with sugar, but the soy protein found in milk has been shown to be significantly less effective than casein. When the body consumes soy protein a large amount of it is converted to urea, which is excreted through the urine. YOU’RE LITERALLY PISSING AWAY YOUR GAINS!! Whereas when you consume casein protein a much higher percentage of the protein goes toward functional utilization by the body, namely building muscle! It has been said that taking in too much protein is bad for your kidneys. This is because the kidneys do the work of filtering and excreting urea. By consuming casein protein in lieu of soy protein less will be converted to urea thus taking stress off the kidneys. Save your gains and save your kidneys, have some casein protein! Preferably combined with whey concentrate and isolate in a 1:1:1 ratio conveniently available in the Max Effort Muscle Tri-Blend Protein.

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