Boulder Shoulder Superset

Dustin Myers


Welcome to the Shoulder Superset of the Week with today's host Dustin Myers!  Today Dustin is going to show you a great superset to help you get those boulder shoulders that everyone is chasing after.  You are going to start with seated front raises 8 on each arm.  Try to bring the weight up in front of your face with each rep.  Next you will go to a side lying lateral raise and you are going to want to use about half the weight that you used on the front raises.  You want to keep you elbow locked and get a nice squeeze in the back at the top of the movement.  Once you have completed 8 reps on each side, you will do some kettlebell flys.  Squeeze the handles tightly and start by letting the weight come behind you then raise them out to the side.  Hit 8 reps on the shoulder flys.  Then you will go right into farmers walks for 200 feet with about 60-70% of your max.  Dustin's max us usually around 150lbs per hand so he has 95lbs loaded up per hand.  The reason that you don't want the farmers walks to be max effort is because you are going to use it as an active recover time.  Once you finish your farmers walks you will go right back into the seated front raises.  Do this superset for 3 rounds NO REST.  Give this Boulder Shoulder Superset a try and let us know what you think!


Boulder Shoulder Superset:

Seated Front Raises 8 per side

Lying Lateral Raises 8 per side

Kettlebell Flys 8

Farmer Walks 200ft 

X 3 Rounds NO REST


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