Benefits Of Walking Lunges For Athletes

Cory Gregory



Leg endurance is your friend in the athletic arena.  Whether you are a cross country runner, baseball or football player, you will experience some benefits.  Pushing your training limits by pushing the lactate threshold will increase your performance no doubt about it.

Any athlete should be capable of completing 400m of walking lunges.  When I’m training athletes, I usually start them around this distance, and for my pro guys I’ll have them work up to 800m continuously.

Yes, as an athlete you should be training in all planes of motion because lunging is in one plane only.  That being said, by building up your work capacity through lunging, it will take your endurance to another level.


Doing walking lunges consistently WILL INCREASE your strength.  This is something that I have experienced personally, as well as my 4am training group.  Just think about it… how could it not?

Think about your connective tissue around your knee for instance.  Lunging on a regular basis is going to make this connective tissue rock solid, which in turn helps out your squatting.  Does your job require you to sit all day?  Lunging will keep your hips mobile so they don’t get tight.

From a conditioning standpoint, you are putting your body through something more extreme, so it has to adapt.  Last but not least, it will help prevent injuries that are more common in sport.  Think of it as your insurance policy.


Some athletes and weightlifters out there have issues correctly firing their posterior (glutes, hamstrings, etc.).  With walking lunges, this will help those with this issue.  Each step is going to force you to use those particular muscles to complete reps.

When it comes to a pitcher pushing off from the rubber, or a football lineman firing out of his stance, the lunges will help with power.  It is critical in sport, and through reinforcing these patterns, performance will increase.

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