Beginners Guide To Boxing Speed Drill

Dustin Myers


This is a great conditioning drill to end your next boxing workout.  In addition to improving your cardio and muscular endurance in the shoulders, this drill will help improve your jab technique and hand speed thru muscle memory.

1. Set a timer for 6 minutes.

2. For 1 minute alternate between jabs (1s) for 10 seconds and jab/right hand combo (1-2s) for 10 seconds.  The key is throwing the punches crisp and fast in a receptive motion, not focusing on power.  Focus on rotating your shoulders and snapping the punches back in a straight line.  High volume is key, throw as many punches as possible in 1 minute.

3. The next 1 minute should be spent boxing at a normal pace, moving around the bag, mixing up your punches and throwing hard, powerful shots.

4. Alternate between the “speed” minute and the “power” minute three times, for 6 minutes total.

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