Be Yourself

Cory Gregory


     When I think back at how much I’ve stuck out my whole life, I tend to laugh to myself.  Everything always felt off to me.  The way that we operated, we lived, the lifestyle that I was a part of growing up, and the style of music and clothing all felt forced to meLike I was always in the wrong spot.  That being said, I always tell my Mom that I would not change for a second how or where I grew up.


     This allowed me to be more self-aware of my situation of how things didn’t feel smooth to me, which in turn allowed me to embrace it, not suppress it.  Even to this day, the daily way I think and operate are thought of by many, but acted on by few.  It is really, really hard to be consistent to help create change.  Creating change through generations can be even more challenging.


     You may be thinking, “I want to do this for my family.  I want to take that winning mindset.”  Guess what?  You can.  Every day I was (and still am) obsessed with that idea of change.  Every day I try to be more disciplined in order to bring positive change into the world.  It’s just the way it has to be if you want to make a dramatic difference in your family’s lives.


     I believe you need to set it up to where your goals are out in front of you, see and recognize the opportunities when they come, be disciplined, be consistent, and finally make sure that your passion is matched up with your purpose.  If you can do these things together, you can unlock something inside of you that you can’t begin to currently conceptualize.  That’s what I believe is true, and that’s exactly what I believed every day since the day I left my house to go live my dream.


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