Barbell Pullover Progression

Cory Gregory


Most people have performed the dumbbell pullover, made popular by the golden era bodybuilders, namely Arnold Schwarzenegger. In the last couple weeks, I have begun to utilize the same movement with a barbell. Combining both the pullover and pressing motion as a tricep and bench press accessory movement. Then I decided to break out the exercise all on its own. Trying to overload the movement without smashing my face in the process. Which can be a real concern. I believe this is a really good exercise to accompany trying to make your bench press stronger and your arms more jacked.

Start with the barbell on your chest with a medium or close grip, elbows tight to your body.


Bring the barbell over your face and arch your back up with a big stretch, trying to take the barbell all the way to the floor. You are really trying to stretch your rib cage.


Then in one fluid motion return the barbell from the floor to the starting position. This exercise should be felt in the elbow, triceps, the lats, the serratus anterior and even some obliques for good measure.

Most commercial gyms do not have dumbbells over 100 lbs. and even fewer have dumbbells over 150. This variation allowed me to use over 150 lbs., which surpassed even the dumbbells found in Old School Gym.

The only room for injury is if you allow your elbows to track too wide or deviate from the form laid out above. This is an exercise I have utilized safely for many years. This is a lost exercise that I believe can produce enormous benefits. Yet people seem to have forgotten it over the years.


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