At Home Fat Burning Workout

Dustin Myers


For this addition of the weekly Hill Sprint Pump, Coach Dustin Myers is bringing you a tough at-home workout that requires only a set of steps, healthy lungs and the desire for a serious chest pump.  This one is perfect for when you are limited on time and equipment options.

Start by sprinting up the stairs (hit every step).

Take your time on the way down, and do 5 strict push ups at the bottom.

Immediately stand up and do two trips up and down the steps, then 10 push ups at the bottom.

The third round will have 3 stair sprints, followed by 15 push ups.

Complete a total of 10 rounds, each time increasing the number of stair sprints by +1 and the number of push ups by +5.  The final round will consist of 10 sprints and 50 push ups.  Do not rest between rounds.

If you want to up the ante on this one, add in a corresponding number of Ab Wheels and Body Squats with each set of Push Ups.


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