Arm Inferiority Complex Workout

Dustin Myers


Are you one of those weightlifters that is always sneaking in an extra arm workout because deep down you feel like your arms aren’t big enough?  Don’t worry, you are not alone.  Arm workouts are one of those things that everyone loves - if your arms are big you love working them into a massive pump, if your arms are undersized then well, you want them to grow. 

I always joke with Thomas Covert, my head trainer at OSG, that he has an “arm inferiority complex”.  This is sort of like a Napoleon complex, but instead of being the short guy always trying to start bar fights, he’s the guy with normal sized guns who is constantly working them out of fear of their inadequacy.  His arm development has come a long way in the past few years, probably due in part to his willingness to work them multiple times per week whether they need them or not.  Here is his go-to arm routine, which is perfect because he can “hit it even if I’m sore, and it only takes 15 minutes”.

Warm Up:

10 Chin ups

10 Diamond Push Ups

x 3 sets


Alternating DB Curls - 2/2, 4/4, 6/6, 8/8, 10/10

Overhead DB Tricep Extension - 5

Kick Backs - 10

Cable Tricep Pushdowns - 20

-rest 1 minute then repeat 3-5 rounds

Begin by warming up with 3 sets each of chin ups and diamond push ups.  Next, start the circuit by running the rack on DB curls.  I usually start pretty heavy - 50 or 60lbers for 2 reps each side, then drop 10lbs each set as the reps increase by 2, finally ending at 20 or 25 lb DBs for 10 reps.  Once the curl drop set is complete, immediately grab a heavy single DB for 5 over head tricep extensions.  Next grab a light set of DBs for 10 kick backs before finishing with 20 tricep press downs.  Rest 1 minute then start over on curls.  Complete 3-5 rounds and watch those guns grow!

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