A Tribute To Hugh Hefner

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As a Nation, we have been saddened by recent events and the passing of some American icons.  With all the respect in the world we wanted to try and put a smile on your face and get a little laugh in.  Hugh Hefner lived the life that many men could only dream of.  Living in a mansion full of smokin hot women I'm sure had its ups and downs which at times may have required a little help.  If you've never heard of Hugh Hefner then maybe you have heard of Playboy Magazine and the amazing Playmates that illuminated the pages?  If you haven't heard of Playboy Magazine then we recommend taking a trip to your local newsstand to grab a copy.  You will thank us later.

As Cory Gregory slid into his silky purple pajamas to play the part of Hugh, we tried to get some of the Playmates to pay us a visit at the office and help out with our promo video.  Unfortunately us and for you they never returned any of our DMs.  I know, we were disappointed as well but for your viewing pleasure we where able to find some humans who were honored to play the part.  NOT FOR CHILDREN UNDER THE AGE OF 18.  VIEW DISCRETION IS ADVISED!!!!

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