A Different Take On Discipline

Cory Gregory


Many people hear the word “discipline” and instantly run the other way.  I say to think about it the opposite way: run towards it.  If you run towards discipline, this is what will happen…

Discipline creates LESS stress in your life because you are PREPARED.  When you are prepared, you give yourself a better chance at being successful.  This can be with your diet, training, business or in life.  Most people get stressed out because their life is out of order.  An uncontrolled chaos. 

When you run towards discipline you find out how good you COULD FEEL.  Not only how good you can you feel physically, but also how much better you could feel on the inside with your confidence.  That is the key.

If you start off your day with a high level of discipline, your confidence builds exponentially.  When people hear the word “discipline,” they automatically think that something is being taken away from them.  Guess what?  The world isn’t taking anything away from you.  When you have more discipline in your life, you begin to see that it actually gives back MORE because you are more aware of the opportunities right in front of you. 

People without discipline think, “If I have to eat this diet,” and “I should be able to have this if I want.”  If you do this, you are looking at it the wrong way.  I don’t have everything figured out, but if you knew how good you could feel by implementing this in your life, then you would run towards discipline.  If you knew how much you could accomplish with the sky being the limit, you would run towards discipline.  If you start to shift your perspective even a little bit to bring more discipline into your life, then it WILL TRULY CHANGE.