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The ingredients in Max Effort’s Pre Workout are what really make it stand out from the rest of the competition. Today we’re going to look at 3 of the main ingredients and all the benefits that come with them.


CarnoSyn Beta Alanine

CarnoSyn Beta Alanine when ingested is combined with naturally occurring histidine to form muscle carnosine. Since most diets don’t include enough naturally to increase athletic performance, the Pre Workout allows you to take more in. Studies have shown that over a 10 week period of supplementation it can lead to an 80% increase in muscle carnosine. Carnosine is found in the content of human skeletal muscle and leads to improved performance in high intensity exercise and training. Simply put it can help increase your physical working capacity and build stronger, denser muscle.


Anhydrous Caffeine

Anhydrous Caffeine is just caffeine with the absence of water. There aren’t a ton of differences between the two but the International Society of  Sports Nutrition claim that it is more effective in enhancing performance. The reasoning for this is because anhydrous caffeine is in standard doses where they can vary in sodas, energy drinks or coffee depending on how much water is actually added. Since it is in a standard dose it is more beneficial for extended, exhaustive exercise.

Creatine Monohydrate

Creatine Monohydrate is the best dietary supplement when it comes to muscle mass and getting stronger. It is naturally found in our bodies and over 90% of it is found in muscle. Bodybuilders and athletes everywhere see this as a necessity for results. The biggest benefit of creatine monohydrate is that it supports protein synthesis.  Protein synthesis is the process of nitrogen from natural amino acids arranging into structural proteins, which helps your muscles grow. The more efficiently that you are able to make this happen the more your muscles will grow. Since you will be supplementing this through Max Effort’s Pre Workout you will get stronger, increasing your physical power while burning fat as well.


There are many ingredients in the Max Effort Pre Workout but these three are essential for anyone looking to see results and get stronger. Your energy and focus will increase allowing you to get the most out of your training. On top of our popular Raspberry Punch we also have Kiwi Strawberry, and Fresh Mango. Build your stack today and take your workouts to the next level!

Why Should I Try Max Effort Muscle?



We’ve touched on it a little bit in the past when referring to our Pre Workout, but now we’ll focus a little more in depth on what CarnoSyn Beta-Alanine is and the effects it has on your body. 

For those of you who have experienced that tingling sensation after taking our Pre Workout, this is where it comes from. This feeling can also produce a burning, itching or flushed feeling. This is nothing to worry about, especially if you’ve taken the product on an empty stomach since that increases the possibility of the side effect.


Your body derives little beta-alanine from foods that you eat and most come in forms of carnosine, anserine or balenine. Each of these raises the amount of beta-alanine available when your digestive system breaks it down. When those carnosines are digested by themselves, they are ineffective to muscle growth. However, when in combination with beta-alanine it will help to increase your muscle mass by 80%.


On top of the increase in muscle carnosine, and therefor muscle mass, it helps to reduce fatigue. This allows you to work out harder and longer. In addition to delaying fatigue, CarnoSyn Beta-Alanine increases muscle contractility allowing maximum blood flow to the designated muscle group in which you’re working.


As you can see, CarnoSyn Beta-Alanine has many great benefits and that’s only one ingredient in our amazing Max Effort Pre Workout! Head over to the shop and check it out today!



Caffeine is a common stimulant used by millions of people every day. Whether it is consumed through coffee, tea, soda or sports supplementation. When looking at the ingredients label of the Max Effort Muscle Pre-Workout or Fat Burner you will see Caffeine Anhydrous listed rather than caffeine. The difference with Caffeine Anhydrous is that nearly all of the water has been removed from the molecular structure. This provides a greater potency and allows the body to absorb it more readily.

            Caffeine works by stimulating the release of catecholamines. Catecholamines include dopamine, epinephrine and norepinephrine. The latter two are also referred to as adrenaline and noradrenaline. The catecholamine release provides energy by activating the central and peripheral nervous system. Caffeine has an obvious ergogenic effect, as the primary reason people consume any source of caffeine is to wake up and become more alert. Taking Caffeine Anhydrous prior to exercise has been shown to significantly improve performance during both aerobic and anaerobic activity. Caffeine anhydrous is able to elicit significant improvements in performance by acting as an adenosine receptor antagonist, allowing the caffeine to cause an effect on the central and peripheral nervous systems. This allows you to perceive less fatigue, improve motor unit recruitment and in-turn muscle fiber recruitment as well as improved excitation-contraction coupling, which is just a fancy way of saying you will activate more muscle per signal sent from the brain. Therefore the Max Effort Pre-Workout will give you more energy and more efficiency!

            Caffeine Anhydrous is also a beneficial ingredient for burning fat due to its thermogenic nature. Increases in lipolysis (fat breakdown), increased fat oxidation (utilization of fat for energy) and a greater ability to spare glycogen further improve the fat burning capacity of caffeine anhydrous. When the Fat Burner is introduced to your body, the body’s natural response is to ramp up metabolism and increase temperature causing you to burn more fat. Yes it is actually burned, burning fat is not just an expression. Your metabolism will destroy the fat and repurpose it for energy via oxidative metabolism. Now what happens to the fat you lose? It doesn’t just fall off onto the floor as you exercise but rather, through the metabolic pathways known as the Krebs Cycle (also known as the Tricarboxylic Acid Cycle) and the electron transport chain, the fat molecules are converted to CO2 and it is expired into the air. You literally exhale your fat! In addition to the fat burning properties, you will also get a nice bump in energy from the Max Effort Fat Burner without the extra calories found in some extravagant Starbucks order. This energy bump is extremely beneficial, especially when in a caloric deficit. You can bring your body fat down while keeping your focus and energy high!



    Citrulline malate is one of the primary ingredients in the Max Effort Muscle Pre-Workout for its ability to improve both aerobic and anaerobic performance. Aerobic performance referring to cardiovascular exercise and anaerobic exercise refers to activities such as short sprints or weight lifting. In addition, there is an abundance of research suggesting that taking citrulline malate pre workout decreases muscular soreness post workout.

    Citrulline and malate are two separate pieces that are combined in Max Effort Muscle’s Pre-Workout. The amino acid citrulline aids lactate consumption and conversion to glucose for energy via a process known as gluconeogenesis. Gluconeogenesis is the process of forming glucose from non-glucose molecules such as lactate, to later be converted to adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the primary energy molecule in the body. The malate speeds up the process of removing ammonia from the blood, which if you remember from the Glutamine Article, excess ammonia is a problem because it causes the blood to become more acidic leading to an earlier onset of fatigue. When citrulline and malate are combined the effects are synergistic. Resulting in an astounding resilience to anoxia (oxygen deprivation) and faster muscular recovery. The capacity of cells to synthesize ATP after prolonged anoxia has been shown to double when supplemented with citrulline malate.

    Citrulline is synthesized as a byproduct of the conversion of arginine to nitric oxide. Nitric oxide acts as vasodilator, increasing the diameter of blood vessels enabling greater blood flow to the working muscle. The introduction of exogenous citrulline malate has been shown to increase the concentration of argenine therefore increasing nitric oxide. Thus improving exercise capacity by providing the muscles with more oxygen. The oxygen can then be utilized in aerobic/oxidative metabolism to provide the body with more energy via the production of ATP. During weight training you likely have noticed your muscles swelling and veins becoming more pronounced, this is commonly referred to as a “pump”. The pump is the result of vasodilation and increased blood flow to the muscle. Increasing the amount of blood flow to the muscle improves muscular endurance. So you can thank the citrulline malate in your pre-workout for the increased energy, decreased soreness and most importantly the sick pump you get on arm day.



1. The Focus and Intensity is unreal but not at an overly anxious or jittery level. It is controlled intensified focus. IT IS NOT AN ENERGY DRINK! This is a pre-workout, your goal is to get a great workout. The ingredients are dosed in a way to make sure you can train effectively and be dialed in, ready to go.


2. No Crash! So many pre-workouts and energy drinks result in major crash. What separates Max Effort is the way the caffeine blends are set up to release at different times and there is literally no crash. When I was working on the formula, we formulated it in a way that is sneaky great.  It has no crash which almost never happens in a pre-workout!


3. Taste and Mix-ability is usually underestimated, but part of the experience of a product is more than just that it is dosed right and adds to the intensity of your workout, the taste has to be on the same level! It doesn’t matter if you throw a scoop in your mouth or mix it up in a shaker bottle, you’ll find the taste and mix-ability is unmatched!

If you haven't tried the Max Effort Muscle Pre Workout yet, we have 3 AMZING flavors: Raspberry Punch, Mango, and Kiwi Strawberry.  Head over to our shop page and check it our for yourself today!


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