4 Med Ball Push Up Variations

Dustin Myers


Dustin Myers is back today to show you 4 Med Ball Push Up Variations from basic to more advanced.  The first one is a close grip push up where you will have your thumbs facing forward, abs tight, come down and push your elbows forward squeeze the chest at the top.  The next one is a side instability push up where you will have one hand on the ball and the other is on the ground making the arm on the ball have to stabilize.  Do one rep on one side then roll the ball over and hit a rep on the other side.  Then you have plyo variations where the ball is going to stay in the middle.  Plyo cross overs you will have one hand on the ball the other on the ground and you will alternate arms by exploding up and over side to side.  The last one is a drop down deceleration push up where your will have both hands on the ball, drop down with your hands going out in a push up position to catch yourself then explode back onto the ball.  On these two plyo variations when you start to feel like you're moving slow thats when you should end the set.  Give these 4 Med Ball Push Up Variations a try and let us know what you think!


4 Med Ball Push Up Variations:

Close Grip

Single Arm

Plyo Cross Over

Drop Down Deceleration


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