4 Great Wrestling Conditioning Circuits From Dustin Myers

Dustin Myers



Wrestling season is almost here and we know you have been training hard and getting strong all offseason but we hope that you haven't waited till now to get your wind up.  Coach Myers is here to show you a great wrestling conditioning circuit to help build that wind and muscle endurance.  It is 2 minute rounds of 3 stations. 

The first one is airdyne bike sprints 10 seconds on 10 seconds off.  Make sure you really dig in and get it for those 10 seconds you are on.  Make sure you do that on and off for 2 minutes which you will end up doing 6 sprints total. 

After you have finished that, grab either a 25lb or 35lb plate and you are going to keep the plate moving for 2 minutes without stopping using arches, passes, head circles, front raises, just keep alternating through them.  This will create great core strength and rotational strength.

The last station will be sledgehammer slams.  Make sure to breathe out and sync up with the movement.  If you don't have a sledgehammer you can substitute a med ball and slam it hard.  

Give this Wrestling Conditioning Circuit a try and let us know what you think!



Wrestling Conditioning Workout

3 Rounds:

1 Minute Treadmill 10% Incline Sprint (9-10mph)

10 Strict Pull-Ups

5 Med Ball Slams


You have 2 minutes to complete each round (sprint, pull-ups, slams).  However long it takes you to complete the pull-ups followed by the slams, you will have the remainder of that minute to rest before transitioning back to the treadmill at the start of the next 2 minute block.  Give this Wrestling Conditioning Workout a try and let us know what you think!



6 minute AMRAP

1 Rope Climb

5 Med Ball Good Mornings

5 Back Lunges (each Leg)


Need a great AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible) to use with your team after practice?  I got you covered.  Each athlete has 6 minutes to do As Many Rounds As Possible of this circuit.  The Rope Climbs should be done Leg-less if possible.  This one is sure to take your team to deep water and see who can swim.

Key technique:  On the Med Ball Good Mornings, hold the Med Ball in a body lock position and keep an arch in the low back as you hinge at the hips.



Coach Dustin Myers is coming to you live from the Ohio Regional Training Center at Ohio State.  Today he is bringing to you the Wrestling Conditioning Circuit Of The Week.  This weeks circuit is 3 rounds of 5 stations for 1 minute each with about 15 second transitions in between stations.  The first one is an AirDyne sprint for 10 seconds easy then 10 seconds sprint.  Do this 3 times.  Then you will go to bumper plates for a plate pinch hold.  Make sure you stand up nice and tall, make sure you don't grab the lip of the plate rather get a good clamp pinch on it for 1 minute.  After 1 minute plate pinch, you have sledgehammers for 1 minute.  Make sure when you slam the hammer down to breath out, swing hard, make sure it's a dynamic movement meaning don't just pick up the hammer and drop it.  Next is heavy med ball front lock back lunges alternating sides with each rep for 1 minute.  Then you will finish up with a plank hold.  Think of the plank as almost your active recovery.  As soon as you finish your plank, you will have 15 seconds to get back on the AirDyne sprints.  Give this Wrestling Conditioning Circuit a try and let us know what you think!


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