4 Band Exercises For Healthy Shoulders

Dustin Myers


Dustin Myers is back today to show you 4 Band Prehab Exercises for Shoulder health and stability. The first on is very simple it is a pull apart or retracts.  You can put this in-between any kind of pressing movement that you do.  The second one is where you will stand on the band raise your arms overhead and pull it apart then back down.  Next one it face pulls where you will tie the band off on a rack, grip the band so your thumbs are pointed at the post, and pull up towards your forehead with your elbows up and back.  The last one is scapula retraction where you will have two bands tied off on a pull-up bar, grip the bands so your thumbs are pointed outward, and pull your hands down and back squeezing the scapulas.  Do all of these movements for 15 reps each.  Incorporate these movements daily - either as a stand alone Prehab warm up, or as individual exercises interspersed between sets of your main movements.


4 Band Exercises For Healthy Shoulders:

Pull Aparts (Retract) x15

Front Raise Overhead Pull Apart x15

Face Pulls x15

Scapula Retraction x15


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