3 Things I Love About The Max Effort Pre Workout

Cory Gregory


1. The Focus and Intensity is unreal but not at an overly anxious or jittery level. It is controlled intensified focus. IT IS NOT AN ENERGY DRINK! This is a pre-workout, your goal is to get a great workout. The ingredients are dosed in a way to make sure you can train effectively and be dialed in, ready to go.


2. No Crash! So many pre-workouts and energy drinks result in major crash. What separates Max Effort is the way the caffeine blends are set up to release at different times and there is literally no crash. When I was working on the formula, we formulated it in a way that is sneaky great.  It has no crash which almost never happens in a pre-workout!


3. Taste and Mix-ability is usually underestimated, but part of the experience of a product is more than just that it is dosed right and adds to the intensity of your workout, the taste has to be on the same level! It doesn’t matter if you throw a scoop in your mouth or mix it up in a shaker bottle, you’ll find the taste and mix-ability is unmatched!

If you haven't tried the Max Effort Muscle Pre Workout yet, we have 3 AMZING flavors: Raspberry Punch, Mango, and Kiwi Strawberry.  Head over to our shop page and check it our for yourself today!

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