3 Things I Love About The Max Effort Post Workout

Cory Gregory


In formulation it’s simplistic but amazing at the same time. Having 10 grams of branch chains and 5 grams of glutamine sets it apart. I don’t know any other product on the market that has these levels, especially in the same product. Most have to split these into two separate supplements but we have them together for a true, all-purpose recovery post-workout. It can be used for those fasting diets or athletes of any kind. The application is widely used.

IT’S THE JUG LIFE! 2 scoops in a gallon jug of water and you’re bathing you body in amino acids and glutamine for recovery. It’s unbelievable to be able to have this type of quality in your jug all day to recover from those rough workouts. Whether you’re a sport athlete or in the gym, you can ensure that you’re recovered at the level you need to be.

The experience is second to none. The taste and mixablility is like no other. Every flavor is amazing and mixes without problem. I’d go out of my way and say that it’s the best Post Workout on the market and there’s nothing that you can compare to it. We’re selling tons of this product because it truly is great. The Max Effort Muscle Post Workout comes in 3 AMAZING flavors: Lemonade , Cherry Lemonade, and our NEW GRAPESICLE LEMONADE  Head over to our shop page and get you Post Workout today!

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