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3 Major Keys People Mess Up On Their Diet

Dieting is never easy but it’s not meant to be. That being said, a lot of times people want to take shortcuts or try to cheat the system but the fact of the matter is that dieting takes a lot of hard work and dedication over extended periods of time. Because of that, there are a lot of things that people can do to screw this up.

1. One of the biggest ones is not planning effectively. I believe that if you’re walking out the door with zero clue where your food consumption is coming from or what it looks like that you’re already setting yourself up to fail. If you have a certain spot to go to then that’s a little different but if you aren’t preparing you’re shooting yourself in the foot. What happens is that as the day goes on, you get into a situation where you’re starving and all of a sudden every fast food joint looks extra bright, the vending machine looks good and all of your decision-making is made because you’re so hungry, not according to your goals.

2. Another major factor in failed diets is drinking for no reason. It’s no secret that I like to drink beer. I’ve always made that clear and I think it’s okay, in moderation. But why are you drinking on a Tuesday night when it doesn’t pertain to your goals? Set it up to where you’re an angel throughout the week and then don’t eat bad on the weekends, but enjoy some beer. It’s all about the balance and a lot of times people drink for no reason. This isn’t just empty calories but it dehydrates you for training and your body will take longer to rehydrate. Your performance is going to decrease and you’re going to feel worse longer. Just make sure that when you are drinking that there’s a purpose or some type of event around it.

3. Lastly, I see people unable to control their cheating. Hear me when I say this, cheat meal, not cheat day. It’s not that we’re at the trough now just to eat everything in sight. Personally, I like tacos so on Fridays maybe I’ll do tacos with some ice cream. Saturday I’ll do a burger, fries and some beer. Figure out whatever moves the needle for you and then it doesn’t become a binging experience but more of a rewards system. You need to change the way you look at it because cheating doesn’t mean that everything that isn’t tied down is going down the hatch. Before you know it, you can slam so much food that it messes up all of your progress throughout the week. If you cheat properly, with the right amount, it can raise your metabolism and make you look tighter.

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Everything has a strategy in life so, in conclusion, make sure that you have some type of preparation and that you’re taking it seriously. Don’t drink for no reason when it’s not helping you better. It’s actually putting you one day further from your goals, not one day closer. Control your cheating and use it effectively. Make it a rewards system and be smart about it. When you’re smart about it, all of these things can help you achieve your goals and it isn’t so much a diet anymore, but a lifestyle instead.


3 Essential Healthy Fat Sources

I get asked a lot what my favorite fat sources are that I eat regularly. The first I used to not like at all. I even made fun of my wife when she ate them and that’s the avocado. I read up on them and saw how great they are for your skin and body and I just made myself like them. That’s really the only way I can explain it. I made myself acquire the taste for an avocado  because the benefits outweighed my personal view on them. The avocado is my number one favorite fat and I eat it every day.

Second, mixed nuts. They’re easy on the go but you have to control yourself because it’s easy to eat way too much of them. It’s actually one of the more easily attained fats when you’re traveling and they’re very inexpensive which is a huge key.

Three is a tie between coconut oil and olive oil. Being Italian I grew up with a lot of olive oil but the benefits of coconut oil are great. If you read about everything from the Hawaiian culture and the way coconut oil has been used in India to help people live extremely long lives, that’s the key.

All of these fat sources are more than just a fat. I make sure that everything I do comes together and benefits my health and goals. Fats are essential in dieting, especially Anabolic Fasting, and by adding these in you’ll see benefits all across the board.


Keeping You Gains While On Vacation

Cheat meals have always been a major topic of discussion in the fitness and nutrition industry. Whether it is discussing the benefits, the proper ways to cheat or simply talking about some favorite foods to eat for a cheat meal. Many people ask for my personal take on these matters as well as what is the proper way to handle vacation. Some people view vacation as a free-for-all to binge on anything and everything. I do not believe this is the best way to go about it. There must be some discipline and strategy for how you eat on vacation because otherwise you are throwing away what you worked so hard for in the weeks leading up to your trip. Everyone is different. We all have different metabolic rates and are starting from a different point. Some people are leaner than others but regardless of these differences, if you are on a low to moderate carbohydrate diet then there are certain choices you can make that would allow you to enjoy yourself while mitigating the damage done to your progress.

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Most people who diet don’t eat bread, pizza, sandwiches or fried foods on a regular basis. These people, myself included, tend to stay away from society’s general bread based carbohydrates. Most people don't regularly drink beer during the week or have dessert after dinner. However, when you go on vacation it is easy to let these fundamentals slide. On vacation it is easy to grab some cereal for breakfast, a sandwich for lunch, pizza and ice cream for dinner because of the easy access and of course it is vacation so you want to have some beers. This is a slippery slope. When you have one day like this it can turn into two days then three days and before you know it, you have binged the entire week and have a serious problem. Now not only are you not eating what you had been to get you ripped up for vacation but you are compounding three things that can cause you to lose progress. These being bread based meals, sugary treats and beer.

I believe if you create small disciplines while on vacation and stick to them that just because you are on vacation, you don't have to throw away your gains. For me, with the diet protocol I follow, I have found that if I stay away from the bread then I am able to get away with the other two. Over time I discovered that the combination of bread, ice cream and beer do not work for me. I have realized that if I can keep it to two out of the three, those two being beer and ice cream then I can keep the gains I had worked so hard for without feeling like I am depriving myself. Depending on your level of fitness, training style and metabolism you could slip in a day or two where you go for the trifecta but even the most shredded person on the beach should not do this for the entire duration of the trip. By doing two out of the three I am able to consume as much of those two as I want because they are somewhat self moderating. If I drink too many beers or eat too much I will feel like crap and won’t want any more.

Make sure you have a personal strategy when you go on vacation. Think critically about what you have been doing to get lean and pay attention to how your body reacts to certain foods. By dialing into this aspect of your diet you can enjoy yourself while on vacation and avoid giving yourself the extra work of having to take the added weight off when you get home.

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