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When you’ve been in the game for as long as I have you tend to get a little banged up and if anyone tries to tell you they don’t, they’re lying to you. What I’ve found throughout the years is that you don’t need anything fancy from this guy or that guy, you just need a few simple things to stay mobile and healthy.

My absolute favorite mobility item is what I like to call Grandma’s Corn Pillow. I found it at a craft sale over a decade ago and I’ve been using it ever since. Basically what this is, is a pillow that’s filled with shelled ears of corn. You throw this in the microwave for a few minutes, put it on the spot that’s acting up and it acts as moist heat.

The next thing I use is a baseball. You’ll see a lot of guys using lacrosse balls, or things of that nature, but I prefer a baseball.  For one, it’s easier to get to because I can just reach into my kids’ bag and I’m good to go, but I also think it’s a lot harder and really helps me just to grind it out the spot that hurts.

Lastly, I’ll use a PVC pipe. We’ve got one down at Old School that’s about 3 feet long, taped up and it’s something you guys can grab from any hardware store.

Now to practically do this, I actually use all 3 of these things together. I don’t really believe in ice. I think that constricted muscles react better to heat and it helps to loosen them up. So for me, I’ll pop this warm corn pillow on for a few minutes, grind it out with the baseball and then roll it back out with the PVC pipe. This can be done on your lower back, delts, lats, biceps, anywhere that’s constricted or tensed up.

            So like I said guys, you don’t need to go out and get top of the line equipment to work on your mobility. I use a PVC pipe, a baseball and my 10-year old corn pillow.



I just got back from Ireland and between being on a plane for six hours, driving a couple hours to see the sights of Ireland. My lower back, SI joint, hamstrings etc. all felt very tight. Because most people, myself included, when on vacation have a varied training schedule, alcohol consumption tends to increase. The body also put in different positions than it is accustomed to as a result of the travel. On vacation the tendency is to hydrate and move less, both of which are contributing factors to decreasing mobility and increasing risk of injury. Luckily, I have some exercises that can be done anywhere to help with mobility and overall just feeling better. These exercises should be done in conjunction with being conscientious of your hydration level. Taking your Max Effort Post Workout is a great way to stay on top of your hydration. I highly recommend taking the post workout before bed after a long day of drinking. The glutamine has a fascinating hydrating effect that many people overlook. Not only does the Post Workout help recover from exercise but it is also an anti-hangover tool!

Movement 1: Get a softball or baseball and roll out over your lower back, glutes, IT band and really try to work those spots, grinding out the knots and rough areas. Generating more blood flow to the area will help loosen it up and relieve the pain associated with it. Spend a couple minutes each side working through it.

Movement 2: Once you have your low-back and gluten loosened up, sit in a deep squat for 3-5 minutes. Just hang out down in the bottom, allowing your whole body to decompress. Now that you have some pressure to that, simply allowing your bodyweight to stretch the tissue is a great way to retrieve the mobility lost during travel. The deep squat position is really the most natural position for the body to be in. As a child we were all able to enter this position perfectly with no effort, but as we age it has become more difficult.

Movement 3: The couch stretch is the final movement to loosen up your quads. It can be done with the couch, a boulder, your car, really anything that you can put your leg up against.

Of course there are many more exercises to increase mobility, but these three are quick, easy and do not require any equipment that is not readily available to you. These exercises will help you recover from all the travel and most importantly, make you feel better while you’re drinking all those adult beverages at the pub or at the beach.



I'm going to start off by saying my boy Tiger Woods said he quit a tournament because his glutes weren't firing. Most people think that they have a back problem when in reality, they have a glute problem. Almost everyone I meet online or on my site, doesn't really have a back problem but their back hurts because their glutes don't work. When guys get older, their stomachs get bigger and they lose their ass, causing back pain due to weak glutes. I'm telling you that when your glutes don't fire, you don't feel optimal. They are the ones that move the biggest weight; squat, sumo deadlift, front squats.

How do you get them to fire? Lunges, front leg up, back leg up, regular walking lunges, side lunges, etc. There's so many ways to get them firing but when you have back pain, you need to look into that but I would also access my glutes. If you lunge for 5 minutes straight and the next day your ass cheeks are sore, then it's a glute problem! It's unbelievable how many people miss this. I didn't think this was a real thing until I came back from an SI injury and my glutes weren't firing.

I was literally a shell of a lifter, how Tiger felt like a shell of a golfer, because they weren't firing. It moves the most weight and can cause some serious problems. I can almost put money on the fact that if your back hurts, you lunge for 5 minutes, that your ass will be sore and your back will feel better. If this is the case then you need to go down the rabbit hole of information on our website here to get them to fire. Your glutes have to fire if you want to make gains in the gym.


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