3 Keys To Diet Success

Cory Gregory


#1 Follow a Diet Lifestyle that is Long-Term

Start by researching ALL of the different types of diets that you have heard of.  For example, it could be a variation of fasting, multiple meals per day, or the South Beach diet.  THE GOAL: Find out what is right for you!  By this time you’ve probably heard that there’s “no one-size fits all,” and it’s absolutely true. 

By trial and error, you will figure out what you like along with what best suits you.  By starting with something small such as a three-day trial, you will be able to evaluate how you felt mentally and physically, and see if it’s something you can continue with in the long term.  The best diet for you is the one that you can actually follow.  There are plenty of diets out there that WORK, but the key is to be able to adhere to them over an extended period of time.


#2 Preparation

You cannot leave the house and have success if you have no idea what you are going to eat the whole day.  PREPARE TO BE SUCCESSFUL.  Think about it… when you walked out of the house this morning did you know what you were going to have for lunch?  Did you know what you were going to eat for dinner?  If you aren’t preparing, how can you be successful?  It’s just that simple.  Take it serious and don’t shrug it off.

What happens when you don’t take it seriously?  Consider that day where you have a super busy morning and two o’clock rolls around and you haven’t eaten anything yet.  At this point you decide to smash everything around you because you are so hungry, sending you down the wrong path.


#3 Don’t Drink for NO REASON

Don’t drink for no reason.  Bad eating habits go hand in hand with drinking.  If you have an event or a birthday dinner or if your diet plan allows for it one day a week that’s completely fine, just plan on it and stay within the guidelines.

As you probably already know, drinking reinforces bad habits.  You go to a birthday dinner, to a happy hour, and then your buddies ask you to go out on Friday… before you know it you’ve drank 4-5 days out of the week. 


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