3 GREAT Takedown Drills From Clay Guida

Clay Guida



Clay "The Carpenter" Guida & Lance "The Party" Palmer are going to show you a great Cardio Takedown drill to help get your conditioning up for your next fight.  People ask Clay all the time, "How do you get your cardio so high?"  "How do you never get tired in fights?"  He tells them, its really simple.  He trains as hard or harder than everyone else but he does the proper drills at the end of practice.  Keep in mind that you have to drill properly.  You want to make sure you keep high intensity with good fundamentals.  If you have an upcoming fight you can use a crash pad to soften your landing if you don't have one just be smart on the mats.  Clay is going to do 5 Double Leg takedowns on Lance and then Lance will switch and do 5 on Clay.  You will want to continue and do more than 5 to build good conditioning.  The key is fundamentals and staying in good position the whole time.  Give this Cardio Takedown drill a try and let us know what you think!



Clay "The Carpenter" Guida & Lance "The Party" Palmer are going to show you how to get your cardio up.  As a Mixed Martial Artist Clay is always receiving questions about how does he get in shape, how to stay in shape, besides just getting on a bike or a treadmill and doing pushups, ect.  If you want to be a Mixed Marital Artist there is no excuse for getting tired in the cage for a grappling match, moitie fighting, kickboxing match, whatever it is.  This is a drill that you can do at any age from little kids all that way up to the highest level.  These are called Mat Returns.  Clay and Lance are going to do 5 a piece and then switch.  If you want to get in shape do these at the end of practice when you are tired or when you think you are tired.  Proper fundamentals is key the entire time.  You can do these with a crash pad or without one.  You are going to want to do more than 5 to get in shape and you will be more prepaid for your fights or competitions.  Give these Mat Returns a try and let us know what you think!



Clay "The Carpenter" Guida is with Benito Lopez and they are going to show you a Simple Combat Combo.  It is a Jab, Cross, into an Underhook into an Inside Trip for a takedown.  When you get into the underhook you are going to pull your opponent down into you and bring you leg through for the inside trip taking you head and dipping it back for the takedown.  Give this Simple Combat Combo a try and let us know what you think!


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