3 Fighting Mistakes

Clay Guida


There’s a lot of focus these days on the best way to approach a fight, but today I want to cover the opposite end of the spectrum and talk about the top 3 mistakes that you can't afford to make  when fighting.

1. The first mistake that you can make is to not breathe. When you’re put into a stressful situation such as combat it’s something that your mind and body aren’t really conditioned for and this can cause them to tense up. When they tense up, it’s natural to hold your breath and grit your teeth, try to avoid this as it causes the body to get fatigued much quicker.  By maintaining even breathing patterns you allow yourself to move much more swiftly while maintaining your natural level of endurance.

2. The second mistake is not keeping your hands up. Most people think that the point of this is to block your face but, in reality, you can take a hit to your eye, head or cheek. The 2 things you are really doing by keeping your hands up is protecting your "button" aka chin (which prevents getting knocked out cold) & allowing your hands to be in the best possible position to block head attacks & return counter strikes.

3. The third is a cardinal sin and that’s moving backwards. In fighting you want to make sure that anytime you move, it is in the form of shuffle steps either side-to-side or by cutting angles which keeps you in close proximity to your opponent to return fire. If you’re being attacked and you begin moving backwards all your opponent has to do is move forward with a little bit more pace and then you are vulnerable to be devastatingly knocked out or taken down with ease.

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